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Blood and Sex...according to the Antedullivans

muffled talking and harsh whispers

Ventrue Thank you all for coming. As usual, we have a situation on hand that we need to talk about.

Toreador The defacing of the Art Institute by anonymous Rabble? ::dirty look to Brujah::

Tzim Caitiff running wild? ::dirty look to Brujah::

Tremere The defacing of the Public Libraries? ::dirty look to Brujah::

Brujah ::flashes a charming grin to all of them and puts his feet on the table::

Ventrue No. Tonight we are here to discuss...and I do this with heavy

Stunned Silence

Malk ::stands starting the "Tush Push" and winks at Gangrel:: Let's talk about SEX bay-bee, let's talk about YOU an' ME...

Gangrel ::growls:: Let's not.

Ravnos I swear on the blood of my familia, she told me she was 18.

Ventrue Malkav. Please be seated. I..::blinks and looks at Ravnos:: Um...well..::shakes his head:: This is a SERIOUS discussion.

Lasombra So what ABOUT sex?

VentrueThe problem is too many of you take your unlife as permission for a post-mortem orgy. We have rules. Politics. Standards to follow. We are the next level of evolution people,SEX is no longer PLEASURABLE to us...Therefore..

Toreador ::looks to Giovanni:: You can say THAT again...

Giovanni Well if some people didn't just LAY there like the corpse they are..

Brujah No longer PLEASURABLE? ::shakes his head:: Trust me..Yer doing it wrong dude...

Malk Well..I guess I can eat all my edible undies. I like the cotton flavored ones the best.

Ventrue Look. Our lust is for the BLOOD. Not physical pleasures and desires.

Brujah COME ON...I mean the blood is good..but when is the last time a set of double "D" medical packs turned your head?

Malk Bobbit it. Cut if off. Recycle it. Make cocktail wieners.

Ravnos Speak for yourself gajo some of us fall into larger groupings.

Malk Ohh Hung like a HORSE--

Ravnos ::smiles::

Malk --Fly.

Ventrue It's not just the male persuasion of our little group Brujah. Many of the FEMALES engage in sexual activities at constant rates.

Malk ::suddenly serious:: THAT is disgusting! That is...vile. WRONG. I demand justice. Kindly give me the names and current addresses of these women and I will see that they get what I...what THEY deserve...

Gangrel ::thumps Malk:: Siddown nutjob. You've got as much chance of getting laid as pickle puss over there. ::jerks her thumb to Nos::

Nos ::indignant:: This coming from the bearded lady.

Gangrel ::growls:: Watch it scabbie.

Nos I am no stranger to sex my dear wood dweller.

Tzim ::wrinkles her nose:: Soap. Now that is a different story all together.

Assamite Not that I particularly care, seeing I have BETTER things to do with my time than engage in pointless activities...but does this mean that we shall no longer be capable of having sex?

Malk It's fallen. And I can't get it UP!

Toreador ::looks at Giovanni:: Been there. Done that.


Room looks to Gio, who shrinks into his seat

Giovanni sorry.

Ventrue ::sighs ignoring the outbursts:: No Assamite. It simply means that you derive no pleasure from it. You can will the blood...if you keep up appearances and what not...But you have no DESIRE for sex.

Brujah Yeah...especially after finding out that Nos has it....::makes a face:: There's a mental image I didn't want.

Malk Bumping UGLY...Monkey sex. The Leprous Lombada of Love. A Spew Screw. Oral--

Gangrel ::smacks him:: Shut up! You are making us all sick you weird little freak.

Tremere So what is the point of seduction...if you are not going to have sex?

Ventrue The seduction is so you may obtain their blood, without them drawing suspicious. THAT is why our bite is so pleasurable to them. It surpasses sex.

muffled grumbling

Ventrue Well? Final thoughts? Comments?

Brujah You sure you are not doing this because you can't get laid and are pissed at those of us who can?

GangrelWell I can throw out my date book.

Nos Please do, I'm sure Wild Kingdom would love to find it.

Toreador ::smirks:: There are exceptions to every rule.

Tzim ::shares the smile:: Exactly.

Malk What about the ol' yank and spank? Is that out? Ya know...the ol' bap and slap? I mean I was REALLY good at that.

Ravnos Rules were meant to be broken.

Ventrue Meeting Adjourned. And remember. We are not interested in sex. The blood is our sex.

Malk Believe that and you are crazier than I am.

Ventrue What did you say?

Malk Nothing. Just commenting on the weather. ::Smile bright::
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