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It's times like these that I think I hate the most. It's so fucking late and I've got to be up at 6:30am to get ready to go to these stupid classes and I can't sleep. Nope, not even if I tried. I could take some drugs, but then I'd be out for a few days....since I don't usually take any kind of pills....not even everything works doubbly well!

I've been having some difficulties in the um love life area lately. Ok here's the run down inside my head....

No.1 I am attracted to Charles.
No.2 Mike keeps creeping me out at games on friday when we leave...he'll hold my hand and kiss it and I swear he really thinks he's a Tremere..."You will have a good night..." (Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy....even for my standards)

Ugh...Brian will be gone in a little over a month. He's moving back to Virgina and leaving me all alone down here in this waste land of nasty things. It's kind of sad really, that he's mainly the only person I consider a friend around here and prefer to hang out with every night that I do leave this hell hole some people call a house. (it's not bad's just the people inside of this place that makes it really disturbing)

I'm going to end up killing my mother this week...I can already feel it. She's on vacation. Ugh....I don't want to have to put up with her more than the usual scedualed hours durring the week. It frightens me.

Too much stuff left to do for the vampire game....most likely it will wait until the last min like every year. At least for the most part I have all the characters made. Just gotta make those damned werewolves that I really don't want to do. Maybe Chris will do em for me. heh Fat chance on that one.

Speaking of...Brian's birthday is Tuesday...and for that occasion...since he'll be 21 this year....I'm taking him to New Orleans on Saturday and hopefully staying the night and comming home on Sunday. He's never been really. We're gonna take the Vampire Tour (I miss Sidney anyways) and then go drinking and hang out with Chris and Mika for a lil while. I wished there were enough people I could squander into going to New Orleans that we could reserve a special midnight tour... but Alas....only gonna be most likely 3-4 of us, and to reserve a midnight tour we'd need at least 15-20 I believe. Been a while since I've actually been on a tour...instead of just bringing people over from Mobile to go on one. Yes, they love me down there.

This is going to be a busy week...Tuesday (Besides being Brian's B'day) I'm going down to DHR for the childsupport deal...Found out that YES Gerald has gone into the Army and now he'll be smacked with Childsupport....he owes me 10mnths back support already...and the army will make him pay. They'll also pay for the patern. test. Which is cool. I have to schedual an appointment with the food stamp office today too, also I have an appointment for my Tanif stuff again this week. Ugh...these people picked a really bad time to do all this since I also have these damned classes for the next 3 weeks.

I kinda feel like my life is at a stand still...I want to go back to school, but I really don't see the opertunity for it just yet. I really need and want to finish my degrees. (Yes two...I started out as a double major. Psychology and Biology....Minor in the dramatic arts.)

I'm still sick with either a cold or allergies...all I know is that when I go to sleep and then wake up I feel worse than what I feel after the first few hours I'm awake. Ugh...

Okies....time for Chelle to do pointless internet activities to stay awake until I need to shower and go to class.

Sleep is for the weak....yes....but oh so weak I am....

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